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A major area of expertise for Gkazianis Group of Companies is the construction of modern residence buildings (private residences, apartments, holiday houses) in the private sector. Ergonomic spaces, new technologies and innovative design, combined with bioclimatic solutions and green building management systems, offer the optimum management and maintenance of buildings.


We have undertaken and participated in many construction projects upgrading local hydraulic systems and we have been involved in the construction of several hydraulic networks mainly in Northwestern Greece. Gkazianis Group of Companies acquire technology, equipment, machinery and expertise in solving major sewerage wastewater and drainage problems. We have, thus, gained the required know-how to undertake large-scale complex hydraulic infrastructure projects.


We offer a wide range of high-quality insulation solutions. We place emphasis on prevention and we propose tailor-made solutions. Most notably, we use modern and the latest technologies to provide new services, always addressing future challenges.



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